Canadian DJ Sydney Blu Talks Creating Her Signature Sound At Ever After 2017

As a proudly Canadian female DJ and producer who hails from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Sydney Blu has certainly come a long way from her humble small town roots. Born Joanne Judith-Mary Hill, Blu has since become recognized for her pumping beats in the world of electronic dance music. With her fiery red hair and dedication to her unique sound, it’s easy to sense that Blu is passionate about staying true to herself. The musician, who also owns her record label Blu Music, is known for her invigorating hits like Give It Up For Me and My Neighbors Hate Me.

Recently, Real Style had the chance to catch up with the energetic Blu backstage at Ever After Music Festival 2017 in Kitchener, Ontario. From her musical inspirations to the intriguing story behind her music, here’s everything that the talented performer had to share with us.

Real Style: Who are your biggest creative icons?

Sydney: Over time, people like Roger Sanchez and Danny Tenaglia. There are a lot of artists who inspire me.

Real Style: How would you describe your sound?

Sydney: I play house and techno. I was living in Ottawa going to college, and everywhere I went, there was house music. I got schooled on house music, and those are my roots and who I am as a DJ. I’m always playing a derivative of house, somehow. I moved to Toronto after college, and I basically once again fell in love with house. My roots are from seeing Derrick Carter and DJ Sneak play in Toronto. I’ve played different things over the course of my career.

Real Style: You’re a successful female DJ in a very male-dominated area of music. How has this experience been?

Sydney: Every artist has challenges trying to do what they want to do. I’ve had challenges, but I just don’t give up. There’s always going to be failure and rejection. You have a choice to either take that, or say “No, I’m going to prove myself to everybody” and push.

Real Style: Do you have any upcoming music that we should keep our ears open for?

Sydney: I have something coming out on Knee Deep In Sound [which is] DJ Hot Since 82’s album. I also have something coming out on Farris Wheel Recordings, DJ Gene Farris’ label, for SOUP NYC, a label out in New York City, and something for Maya Records, DJ Joeski’s label.

Real Style: What goes through your mind when you’re about to perform?

Sydney: I just want to connect to people. I basically know that I’m on this earth to connect people through music, and that’s what I want to do. I want to connect them with the music that I love.

Photos: Sydney Blu 

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