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Personal Shopper Is A Quirky, Ambiguous Movie

There are some movies that come out that have you leaving with more questions than you went in with, and Kirsten Stewart’s latest movie Personal Shopper is one of them. Even several hours after watching it, you’re not quite sure what exactly it was you were watching. Confused? Read on!

Kristen Stewart plays Maureen Cartwright, a young woman who lives in Paris as a personal shopper to a fashion model name Kyra. It’s not her ideal job, in fact it’s one that keeps her away from her boyfriend who lives in another country altogether, but one that allows her to stay in the city where her twin brother died. She and her brother had both been born with a heart defect that gave them a time limit on how long they would live, and they made a pact with one another that whomever passed away first would find a way to communicate with the other from the world beyond. In between trying to talk to her dead brother, and shopping for Kyra, Maureen meets Ingo, her boss’s lover, who believes Kyra is about to break up with him and is willing to do whatever it takes to prevent it from happening. Maureen wants to have nothing to do with him, yet her own obsessions with communicating with her dead brother seems to lead directly to Ingo. With death surrounding her Maureen’s days seem to be numbered, unless she can finally move on and start living her life.

If you go into Personal Shopper hoping for some sort of explanation or a conclusion, you will be sorely disappointed. Every answer you get has even more questions surrounding it, and by the end you really don’t have a clue what happened. It’s truly an ambiguous movie that leaves you having to decide for yourself what it all means. Kristen Stewart was the perfect choice for the lead role, in that she’s done the seemingly emotionless, hurt, broken character thing plenty of times before, and in this case she took it even further than she has before by showing a more obsessive side. Without her, the movie itself wouldn’t have been compelling in the least and watching to the end would have been difficult. 

Personal Shopper isn’t for everyone. It’s a slow ghost story with a few jumps and a stalker thriller that is more than a little creepy, that gives you a glimpse into the life of someone who works in the Paris fashion industry. What it isn’t though is a decisive, conclusive story with an ending. Like Stewart’s character, you have to give that to yourself. 

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