“Suits” Star And Former Real Style Cover Girl Sarah Rafferty On The Brain Project


As the brilliant and beautiful Donna Paulsen on the hit USA Network Suits, Sarah Rafferty is best recognized for depicting a whip-smart and dedicated executive assistant. Much like her starring character on the popular legal drama series, the 43-year-old actress is passionate, well-spoken and intriguing.

When we chatted with her last year, the fiery-haired star was Real Style’s Spring 2015 cover girl. A year and a half later, the talented star is also the celebrity spokesperson for The Brain Project, which raises awareness of neurological health and supports Baycrest Health Sciences. As a Toronto-based exhibit which features brain sculptures crafted by a group of artists, the project is meant to draw attention to the effects of conditions such as dementia.

This week, Real Style caught up with Rafferty at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, where she made a guest appearance at the FashionCAN showcase. Here’s what the actress and former Real Style cover girl had to say about The Brain Project, the importance of brain health and more.

Real Style: Last time we spoke, we were preparing for our Spring 2015 issue! What have you been up to since then?

Sarah: I’ve been busy working on Suits and also with our first year of the Brain Project. It was an incredible success and everything has culminated. The brains are going on auction at Adelaide, so we are really excited. We have raised a million dollars so far for Baycrest, which is a global leader in Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s been a great and productive year.

Real Style: Tell us about your experience working on the Brain Project?

Sarah: It gets you out of bed in the morning sometimes, to get your attention off of your small cares and into the bigger picture, seeing whatever you can do to help others. If you can help somebody in your day, then it was a good day.

Real Style: How can the public become involved in this initiative?

Sarah: You should definitely go online and check out the Brain Project. People can bid on these beautiful brains, and we are raising money.

Photo: Amanda Skrabucha 

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