Canadian Comedian Gerry Dee On Season 6 Of His Show “Mr. D”


While 47-year-old comedian Gerry Dee may be best known for his hit CBC series Mr. D, the Scarborough-born comedic actor was once a high school gym teacher. Perhaps it’s this firsthand knowledge which has helped Dee depict his charming yet hapless character, who struggles with balancing personal and professional life on the show.

As Mr. D, Dee channels his own experience as a former educator and combines his teaching past with his present day comedic skills. Away from the small screen, Dee has two young daughters, Faith and Aly, with his wife Heather. The all-around family man and entertainer spoke to Real Style about Season 6 of Mr. D, the evolution of his character and why comedic inspiration can often be found close to home.

Watch the Season 6 premiere of Mr. D tonight on CBC at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Real Style: What can you tell us about the new season of Mr. D?

Gerry: We’re very lucky and fortunate to be going into our sixth season. A great group of writers have helped us develop. We try to make every season different, and we have a lot of nice little surprises and character twists for Season 6.

Real Style: How has your character evolved since Season 1?

Gerry: I think he’s probably getting a little more realistic to the fact that he’s not moving through the system. He’s still single; I think that bothers him a lot. I think he’s a little more self-aware now, but tries to hide it.

Real Style: Six seasons is a long time and many Canadian series won’t last that long. How have you kept the show fresh and exciting over the years?

Gerry: Just trying to challenge ourselves comedically and keep the stories moving and the viewers interested in the stories. I think our biggest goal is to laugh, it’s a comedy! We’ve been very pleased with the response we’ve gotten. People watch the show, not only on CBC but also online. People know our entire cast in Canada, and that’s a real nice testament to the work that everybody does in front of and behind the show.

Real Style: What are some of the challenges of working in the Canadian comedy scene as a comedic actor?

Gerry: We don’t really have a star system in Canada, so to try and get people to watch your show or stand-up is always a challenge. That’s the trick. I think we’ve done a good job with the show; we’re going into six seasons.

Real Style: Do you have a dream role?

Gerry: I used to coach a lot of hockey. I’d love to be a hockey coach, a bit more of a dramatic role and not comedic. I would go back to my hockey roots, that would be fun.

Real Style: Describe your dream team of actors who you would love to work with.

Gerry: There are a lot of people who I look up to. I like what Ricky Gervais does, I also like Ron Howard. It’s probably never going to happen, but if I had to pick a couple people, those are two.

Real Style: Where do you find your comedic inspiration?

Gerry: I don’t look for [comedic moments] actually, I just live my life. I do have enough things (family, kids, wife and friends) that the stories usually just come to me. I think that’s what comedians who are successful tend to learn from. I never used to be as good, you get better. I’ve just gotten better and quicker at figuring out the joke.

Photo: CBC 

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