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Comediennes Sabrina Jalees And Margaret Cho Are Hysterical At JFL42


Photo: sabrinajalees on Instagram 

With Just For Laughs 42 in full force in Toronto, the city has been filled with raucous applause for the numerous comedians who are in town. JFL42 kicked off on September 22 and runs until October 1. From headliners like Roseanne Barr and Jim Jefferies to smaller acts, the festival features shows, a Comedy Bar and a Comedy Underground night at the Drake Hotel.

Real Style caught local comic Sabrina Jalees’ performance at Revival Bar on Friday night. The 31-year-old native Torontonian, who is now based in New York City, is also featured in our new Fall 2016 issue of Real Style Magazine. The quick-witted and spunky Jalees, who often raises issues surrounding sexuality and race in her comedic performances, delivered an outstanding show.

The audience exploded into laughter as a nostalgic Jalees recounted a tale of youthful shoplifting while out running errands with her father. With her mischievous sense of humour, it’s not difficult to imagine the comedienne as a preteen pilfering chewing gum. Jalees, who is married to wife Shauna McCann, also touched upon an early heterosexual experience which helped her determine that she was indeed a lesbian.

From anecdotes about her Pakistani grandmother who suffers from dementia to present day tales, the talented Jalees managed to make the crowds erupt into giggles.

Meanwhile, Korean-American funnywoman Margaret Cho also performed at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Saturday night. Cho was poignant and particularly entertaining, as she approached topics like her upbringing in a traditional Asian home.

The seasoned 47-year-old comic and Fashion Police co-host also humorously described her bisexuality, wryly commented on the aging process and approached the occasional taboo subject.

From the controversial marriage of Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn to being traumatized after being molested as a young child, Cho covered a wide range of topics. She managed to deliver contentious topics with ease- and most importantly, the sarcastic wit which has made her popular in the comedy world.

As the crowds cheered as Cho made quips about past flings with rock stars, one thing was clear- it was officially cool to laugh at yourself. From weight gain to personal quirks and immigrant mothers, Cho turned the spotlight on herself, and encouraged fans to chuckle right along. There was an odd wisdom to her humour as well, which is fitting. At the end of the day, we may as well search for lightness in the darkest moments of life.

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