Taylor Swift Is At The Top Of Forbes’ List Of Highest Paid Celebrities


Pop diva Taylor Swift really can Shake It Off now that she’s been listed as Forbes’ Highest paid Celebrity. The annual list put her at number one after she pulled in over $170 million over the past year.

It’s not a huge surprise that Swift topped the list. After all over the last year she took over the North American touring record by grossing over $200 million. It broke the record held by the Rolling Stones. Swift’s 1989 World Tour has been such a huge success that it has made over a quarter of a billion dollars in total. Besides her touring, and record selling albums, Swift also adds to her earnings by appearing in ads for Diet Coke, Keds and Apple.¬†Over the last year Swift has more than doubled her previous high in earnings which was the $80 million she made last year.



Other celebrities appearing on the list include One Direction at number 2 with $110 million, author James Patterson at number 3 with $95 million, Cristiano Ronaldo and Dr. Phil McGraw sit tied at 4¬†with $88 million each, Kevin Hart with $87.5 million at number 6, Howard Stern at number 7 with $85 million, Adele at number 9 with $80.5 million, and Madonna at number 12 with $76.5 million. Kim Kardashian is on the cover of the issue, and she’s listed at number 42 with $51 million.


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