Happy Birthday Reese Witherspoon! See Her Top Movies Here.


It’s hard to believe Reese Witherspoon is turning 40 today. She never seems to age, and has been gracing our screen since she first appeared in 1991’s The Man in the Moon at 15. Over the weekend she celebrated with a private party with the likes of Taylor Swift and Keith Urban, so we figure today will be a little more low-key for the Oscar winning actress. Here are our favourite movies she’s starred in over the years.

Pleasantville: While she may have had quite a few credits to her name before this 1998 film about pair of teenagers who find themselves transported into a 1950s black and white sitcom, it was this film where people really started noticing how good Reese was. In fact within the next three years she would be a household name and a bonafide box office draw.

Cruel Intentions: Based on the novel  Les Liaisons dangereuses, Reese plays the virginal daughter of a school’s headmaster, who becomes the subject of a cruel bet. It really was an amazing role for Reese, who could push out the innocent vibe seemingly with ease.

Legally Blonde: This film was really the first of several “chick flicks” Reese would star in, and it was so popular that it spawned a sequel two years later. A lot of actresses get caught in the genre and have a hard time finding their way out, but Reese managed to use the popularity she gained from this film about a sorority queen who becomes a lawyer to propel her career even further.

Walk The Line: While she may not have looked like June Carter, Reese certainly does sound the part, and her singing was great. She won an Oscar for the role, and showed the world how good she was.

Wild: Another true story, another Oscar nomination. For this film Reese carried a heavy back-pack, wore little to no make-up, and looked as miserable as the character she was playing. Cheryl Strayed took an 1,100 mile hike across California, and her memoir inspired Reese to make this film. She said it was the most difficult film of her career.

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