Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga And Others Show Their Support For Kesha

Kesha’s fight to get released from her recording contract has taken a whole new turn after Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and other celebrities have jumped on  social media to speak out about the situation after a judge denied the 28 year old’s request on Friday. And in one case Kesha is getting some extra financial support.

In October 2014 Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, requesting to be be released from her contract with Sony Music and Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records due to sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse.  Dr. Luke has denied the allegations,  even unsuccessfully counter-suing for defamation.  On Friday a New York Supreme Court judge denied Kesha’s request, and ordered that she must record six more albums with Dr. Luke.

The case received national attention, and sparked an outcry on social media. The hashtag #FreeKesha was used by fans and celebrities alike. Taylor Swift even announced that she was giving Kesha $250,000 to help in her legal fight. Demi Lovato went on a Twitter rant, stating that “Frustrating to see women come forward with their past only to be shot down, not believed & disrespected for their bravery in taking action,” while Lady Gaga showed her support by saying “There are people all over the world who love you @KeshaRose. And I can say truly I am in awe of your bravery.” Kelly Clarkson on the other hand decided it was best to say nothing, when she couldn’t think of anything nice to say about Dr. Luke. Miley Cyrus posted a photo on Instagram showing her support, by holding a sign saying they were wrong.

Whether all this extra support will help Kesha get out of her contract remains to be seen, but the public’s attention has definitely been caught.


Photo: Wikipedia Mingle Media TV


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