Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar Edition Mean Tweets Has An All-Star Cast


Jimmy Kimmel pulled out all the stops for last night’s Oscar edition of his Mean Tweets. From George Clooney to Jessica Chastain and Cate Blanchett, this one had it all, including several nominees from this year’s awards. From their reactions, it’s pretty obvious that none of the celebrities had a clue what they were about to read before they read it.

Eddie Redmayne won last year’s Best Actor Oscar, and is up for the award again this year for his role in The Danish Girl, yet that didn’t spare him from one fan saying that he “looks like someone tried to erase his nose, but couldn’t completely. I also think he looks perpetually dehydrated.” Redmayne laughed it off, and agreed, he is always thirsty. George Clooney’s success in finding woman led one Twitter user to comment that if he can get someone, then regular people must be drowning in them. Oscar Isaac got challenged to a fight, and Sean Penn, well, you just have to see how badly he was insulted. You can watch the entire video below.



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