Fuller House Cast Reunites On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Playing Donald Trump


If you think the above headline sounds a little crazy, you’re not alone. The sketch on last night’s The Tonight Show featured Jimmy Fallon playing Donald Trump, who wakes up in Michelle Tanner’s Full House bedroom calling for his daddy, and before too long the cast from the upcoming reunion series Fuller House gathers in the room to comfort him.

Bob Saget,  John Stamos, Dave Coulier all join in on the conversation, trying to comfort Donald Trump who is worried that he won’t win the Republican nomination. Soon afterwards Lori Loughlin, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber enter the room as well. But wait, it gets crazier still. The cast not only manages to get in a lot of their catchphrases, but in the end they sing the Full House theme song together, in perfect harmony.

The Fuller House reunion series premieres on Netflix on February 26th.


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