Watch Chris Hemsworth Race Jimmy Fallon On A Sleigh Scooter


Ever since Jimmy Fallon took over the hosting duties of The Tonight Show he’s had many silly games and pranks, but last night’s sleigh scooter race against Chris Hemsworth may just take the cake.

Hemsworth appeared on the show to promote his new film, In The Heart Of The Sea, donned a Santa hat and sat on the small sleigh scooter for a race around 30 Rock to win the coveted Hemsworth Cup. In order to win he’d have to go past a Christmas tree, Santa Claus himself, punk kids having a snowball fight, the Ghost of Hemsworth past (a bare chested, bearded man holding an old, framed picture of Hemsworth) and the Ghost of Fallon past, by some carolers, and finally through a sudden, pop-up blizzard.

For most of the race Hemsworth was in the lead, unfortunately for him though he took a wrong turn, and since the Scooter didn’t have reverse, Fallon coasted to victory.Watch the video below for a good holiday laugh!


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