Top Science Fiction Movies Of 2015


If you haven’t heard that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now open, then you must be living under a rock. It’s a social phenomenon that has quickly become one of the most buzzed and talked about films in recent memory. It’s not the only great science fiction movie to open this year however, and some of the others have been mentioned in the same breath as Oscar as well. Here are our favourites.

Mad Max: Fury Road brought the world of Mad Max back with a vengeance. Tom Hardy took over the lead role from Mel Gibson, and Charlize Theron joined the cast in a role she very well may get an Oscar nomination for. Director George Miller stuck with his tried and true style for the series, and it worked. Now we’re all wondering when the next film will come out.

Alicia Vikander turned heads in two films this year, the first of which was Ex Machina. In it she plays an artificial intelligence who is being evaluated her for human qualities. If you haven’t seen this movie you should, after all it is making a lot of critics best of lists this year.

Matt Damon plays an astronaut stranded on Mars in The Martian. The movie was based on a very popular novel, and it did a great job of following the novel’s plot points. There were a lot of big names playing supporting roles in this one, but without Matt Damon the film wouldn’t have been nearly as good.

Superheroes had their day again this year in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. Neither were as good as they could have been, but still they did their job entertaining audiences and helping to expand the Marvel Universe once more.

And last, but definitely not least, we have Jurassic World. Before this movie came out people were wondering if Dinosaurs were a thing of the, ahem, past, but this movie proved, partly in thanks to Chris Pratt, that they can still make a lot of money at the box office. Perhaps the biggest thing that can be learned from this film, is that if you stop pushing out constant sequels and leave a few years between them, that anticipation will help make the franchise live on longer than normal and make even more money.

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