Jessica Chastain Spanks Madonna On Stage


The Martian actress Jessica Chastain showed the world that she’s got a naughty side after joining Madonna on stage during her Rebel Heart concert tour stop in Prague. Not only did she spank Madonna during the performance of Unapologetic Bitch, but she showed off the evidence on Twitter later on as well.

“I gave #madonna a spanking & Ive a video to prove it” Chastain said on Twiter, with a link to the video. She followed that up by posting a picture and stating “The moment before @Madonna handed me a banana. The fkn QUEEN. #RebelHeartTour #unapologeticbitch”

The Oscar nominated actress strutted down the stage hand in hand with Madonna, showing off her dance moves as she went along. Then Madonna, in typical Madonna fashion, crawled on the floor underneath her, and Chastain smacked her bottom a few times as she moved past.

“You were a very good bitch,” Madonna told Chastain after the song was over.

Chastain joins a list of celebrities who have joined Madonna on the Rebel Heart tour. Both Katy Perry and Amy Schumer have made appearance on stage during a concert, but in their cases they were the ones getting spanked.


Photo: Madonna Twitter

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