Beyoncé Posts Photo Dancing With Blue Ivy On Instagram


Beyoncé treated her over 51 million Instagram followers late Sunday with a photo of herself dancing with her three year old daughter Blue Ivy.

The Single Ladies singer has never been shy sharing pictures of herself with her daughter, nor with her husband Jay Z either, but there is something about the pure joy in Blue Ivy’s face that makes this photo extra special. Both mother and daughter are dressed in white, Blue in a sun dress and Beyoncé  in a wrap dress with gold details, as Beyoncé twirls her daughter around.

The picture didn’t come with any sort of details on what the event was, or where the event was, but Beyoncé shared other pictures including one on the way there, and one amidst all the other guests.  All we can say is that they look like they were having a lot of fun.

Photo: Beyonce Instagram


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