2015’s Biggest Theatrical Bombs


2015 has seen its fair share of successes, including Furious Seven, Jurassic World, and Avengers Age of Ultron, but it has also seen a large number of bombs as well. Here are some of the biggest from the current calendar year.

You’d think that a movie that only cost $15 million to make, not to mention starred Bill Murray, would easily be able to make its money back. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for Rock The Kasbah, a film about a down on his luck music manager who finds a talented teenager in Afghanistan. The film only made just under $3 million.

Another music based movie flopped even harder. Jem and the Holograms, based on the 80s’ cartoon series has only made $2.2 million and was very quickly pulled from theatres after only a couple of weeks. Universal made plenty of hits this year though, including Jurassic World.

Bradley Cooper has been box office gold in the last few years, but the last couple he’s been more like lead. This year alone he saw Aloha crash and burn, making only $26.25 million worldwide and Burnt fizzle out with only $13 million so far.  Not good for a one time golden boy.

Even an Oscar winning, popular actress like Sandra Bullock had her share of problems this year. Sure she was one of the voices in the extremely successful Minions movie, but her film Our Brand Is Crisis opened with $3.24 million, which marked the lowest opening of her career. Yikes!

If one Oscar winning actress could find herself in a bomb, how about two Oscars winners in the same film? Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges both starred in this colossal flop. The film had been pushed back a couple of times, and after over a year of waiting, the $95 million dollar movie only managed to make $17.2 million during a six week run. The movie did make it’s money back thanks to a stronger overseas market, but that didn’t make the movie any better.

Rarely has Peter Pan translated into success on the big screen, and Pan was no different. The Hugh Jackman vehicle didn’t do as well as hoped, but with all the problems and pushed back release dates you had to expect something was up. The film cost over $150 million to make, and made only $34 million domestically. Now they can only hope it does better for home release.

Robert Zemeckis thought he would have a hit with The Walk, a film that followed the story of high-wire artist Philippe Petit’s daredevil crossing between the World Trade Centre buildings. Critics liked it, mostly, but fans didn’t show up. It’s only made $10.14 million so far in North America.

Vin Diesel was at the top of his game for Furious Seven, and at the bottom for The Last Witch Hunter. Ok we get it Vin, you like Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but really your geekiness inside doesn’t translate to things people actually want to see on the screen. Witch Hunter only made just over $26 million, and with a budget of over $90 million that translate into huge loses.

And finally, Fantastic Four proved that even superheroes can be super losers at the box office sometimes. When the film’s director even trashes it, you have to know it’s bad. The film has only made $56 million so far, and cost $120 million to make. Do the math, and tell us if you you think a sequel is coming.


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