Watch The Third And Final Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer


Last night in what is surely an odd bit of marketing, Disney decided to release the third and final trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer during Monday Night Football. Now don’t get us wrong, audiences for Star Wars are wider than just the nerd and geeks of the world, but realistically that audience really isn’t into watching football. Thankfully the trailer was released shortly afterwards online, at the same time tickets went on sale. Here what you need to know about the latest trailer.

The trailer, more than anything, introduces us to the new characters of the movie. Daisy Ridley’s Rey seems to be lost, and alone. When asked by an unseen woman (possibly Lupita Nyong’o’s space pirate Maz Kanata) who she is, Rey responds “I’m no one.” It seems like that might just be the theme of the movie. After all when you are introduced to John Boyega’s Finn, he too seems to be alone, although among Stormtroopers. He says that he was “raised to do one thing,” but has “nothing to fight for.” Adam Driver’s Ren is also alone, and talking to Darth Vader’s melted mask. As for Han, he’s telling our new heroes that the force, the dark side, the Jedi, they are all real. We even get a quick glimpse of Leia. The trailer above anything let’s us know that the movie is about finding one’s destiny, which has been the theme of every Star Wars movie that has come out. The destiny everyone is curious about though is Luke’s, as he has been heard but not really seen throughout any of the trailers. We’ll just have to wait and see on December 18th.


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