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Bryan Adams’ New CD Get Up Sounds Like Old Time Rock And Roll


Bryan Adams has been around for a long time. He first started gaining popularity in North America with his third album Cuts Like A Knife in 1983, and with the release of 1984’s Reckless he rose to worldwide superstardom. He’s won several Juno awards, a Grammy, and has even had three Oscar nominations for his music. Last year he released a nostalgic album called Track Of My Years which featured him covering music from his youth, and celebrated the 30th anniversary of arguably his top album. His new album Get Up was recently released, and it features his first original songs since 2008’s Eleven, and by the sounds of things he is still longing for the past.

Get Up features nine new tracks, as well as acoustic versions of four of them. Each of the tracks however feel like a throw-back to the fifties, sounding like songs The Beatles, Roy Orbison, or even the Rolling Stones would play. He doesn’t try to hide the fact that the music is inspired by those sorts of artists either, even going so far as to name drop Buddy Holly and Elvis during the track That’s Rock and Roll. Likes typical Adams, his tracks consists of quick, fast paced tempos, like his lead song “Brand New Day” and “Thunderbolt” to softer, slower ballads like “Don’t Even Try” and “We Did It All”.

The album is fun to listen to, but it’s not overly memorable. It feels like a tribute to yesterday, with not a lot of original material to offer. It’s almost like it’s an add on to Adam’s Tracks Of My Years, but instead of covering old music, he’s created old-sounding music instead.  By including four acoustic versions at the end of the album, you get the feeling Adams lost his inspiration somewhere along the way. It’s a shame because the album could have been better, if it had created its own sounds based on old music, instead of copying the sounds almost completely.

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