See Fall 2015’s Most Tweeted And Buzzed About TV Shows


Have you been wondering which shows to watch this fall? It can be difficult after all, what with several new, enticing series’ starting up and plenty of fan favourites returning. This morning Twitter released some stats showing which TV shows have generated the most buzz from June 1st – September 14th, and if history holds true, these will probably be the shows that have largest premiere audiences. Intrigued? Read on to see which shows you may want to check out.

Returning Shows.

The top buzz on Twitter is of course surrounding returning shows. After all, everyone wants to know what happens next in their favourite series. Grey’s Anatomy tops the list with 2.2M Tweets, followed closely by Supernatural (2.0M Tweets) and The Walking Dead (1.9M Tweets). The Vampire Diaries (1.6M Tweets) and Once Upon a Time (1.1M Tweets) round out the list. Twitter also took a look at which series’ returning for a second season have seen the biggest increase in chatter, and by far the leader is The Flash with a huge 1637% increase. It’s not surprising considering how the season finale ended, and several new characters set to join the cast. Jane the Virgin was second with a 748% increase and How to Get Away with Murder was third with a 377% increase.

New Shows.

If you are wondering which new shows are going to get the best chances from the start, look no further than the Tweets generated about them. Sure they may still crash and burn, but they’ve certainly got the excitement factor working in their favour. Topping the list is American Horror Story: Hotel, with 1.1M Tweets. Most of the buzz is sure to have been generated thanks to Lady Gaga joining the cast. Another horror series Scream Queens is second with 314K Tweets, followed by The Late Show with 247K Tweets (which makes the list not because it is a new show, but because it has a new host), Heroes Reborn with 107K Tweets and Supergirl with 49K Tweets.

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