What You Missed At The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards are supposed to be a night about musicians winning awards for their music videos, but the funny thing about last night’s VMA’s is that no one is talking about the winners today. They are talking about everything else that happened during the show. Here are the most memorable moments.

  1. You can’t talk about the 2015 MTV VMA’s without talking about its host Miley Cyrus. It’s not really her hosting job people are talking about either. It’s her barely there outfits, and her “probably on-purpose” nip slip that has everyone talking. There was the suspenders without a top look, the smarties (or were they censor dots) see-through dress, the side, stomach and hip baring dress, and so much more. Yeah there was the regular tongue sticking out and marijuana talk, but it was the outfit choices that got her noticed.
  2. Everyone was wondering what would happen with Nicki Minaj, what with her pre-show problems with Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, but in the end there really weren’t any problems. Minaj performed with Swift and ended the duet with a hug, and even though she called out Cyrus for her earlier-in-the-week comments and called her a b*tch, everyone thinks the it was a staged call out. Cyrus seemed a little befuddled by it, Minaj’s microphone seemed to be cut off, but we think it was just a big act on both sides.
  3. Justin Bieber cried. Umm what? The bad boy of the pop scene broke down in tears during the applause that came after performing his new single “What Do You Mean”. Is he turning a new corner.
  4. ¬†Kanye West deserves the last three spots on our list, and all for different reason. The first is for actually really joking about interrupting Swift’s speech after she won best female video for Blank Space. West seemed like he was going to interrupt Swift once again, then pretended to go to sleep, before bursting out into laughter and sitting back down. We didn’t expect that one.
  5. Shortly afterwards Kanye West was presented with the Video Vanguard Award by Swift. It was perfect ending to their past problems.
  6. And finally Kanye’s speech. West’s acceptance speech lasted over 10 minutes, and while some of it was ramblings that was hard to decipher, and some of it weird rantings, other parts were sweet and poignant. Of course admitting that he had smoked a little something before hitting the stage made everything make more sense. Our only question at the end of it all was this, is he really planning on running for president in 2020? We certainly hope not.

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