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Southpaw Is An Award Worthy Film


Boxing films have had a great track record with the Academy Awards with several nominations and wins, and the latest of the genre, Southpaw, may just continue the tradition. After all it’s movies that make you feel and inspire you to keep pushing on despite when the odds are against you, that tend to do very well when awards season comes around. And Southpaw does just that.

The film follows the story of Billy Hope (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), a successful boxer who is quickly reaching the end of his game. His wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams) wants him to take a break from the sport and spend some time with his family, a decision he agrees with. Unfortunately for him his wife dies tragically shortly after he makes the decision to step away, and his world crumbles around him. In order to turn his life back around and win custody of his child Billy decides to get back into the ring and face the man at least partly responsible for the death of his wife, and in order to prepare himself for the bout he hires a new coach who teaches him a whole new strategy.

The star of Southpaw is Jake Gyllenhaal. From start to finish he pulls you into his world, and you forget you are watching an actor. So dedicated to the role he put on 35 pounds of muscle for it, and trained as a boxer for several hours a day. You feel what he feels, and when the “revenge bout” as its called takes place you are in the ring with him, feeling every blow and hoping for the win. In the good boxing movies you find yourself rooting for the main character, and this one is so powerful that you can’t see any other ending but a victory. When director Antoine Fuqua is at his best he tell us a story that deals with relationships and family, and this film is definitely one of his best.

Over the next few months you are sure to hear a lot about Southpaw, and when awards season comes around you are sure to hear a lot more. It’s one of the best movies tha thave come out this year so far, and even if you aren’t a fan of the sport, you will definitely want to catch this one.

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