See The New James Bond Trailer For Spectre


Other than what was seen in the short teaser that was released a few months ago, not much else is known about the new James Bond film Spectre other than who is in it. That has all changed now that a full blown trailer has been released. Fans of the ultimate spy have started buzzing over the trailer, and what it could mean for their hero.

By the looks of things, Bond (Daniel Craig for a fourth time) is once again it trouble with his superiors. It appears as if he takes an unauthorized trip to Mexico City to assassinate someone. Rumors have been saying that the Mexico City trip is more than likely the opening scene to the movie. And is it just us, or does this scene remind you of the classic Bond movie Thunderball too? You also get a glimpse of Bond’s new Aston Martin DB10, complete with a flame-fuelled turbo button / weapon. You also finally get to see Christoph Waltz’ Franz Oberhauser, who appears to be the head of Spectre. The odd thing is that he appears to be perfectly normal, which is odd for a James Bond ultimate baddie. Of course Javier Bardem appeared normal at first glance in Skyfall too, so you never know. And of course you also get to see the Bond Girls, including newcomers Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci.

One thing for certain, this new trailer has us wanting more, and we can’t wait until November 6th when it is released here.

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