See How Emma Stone Explained Twitter To Woody Allen By Quoting Him


Emma Stone’s latest movie, Irrational Man, is set to hit theatres soon, and the actress revealed on Conan that she had a unique experience while filming it. She had to explain to director Woody Allen how Twitter worked.

During her appearance on Conan O’Brien, Stone told the talk show host how that Allen didn’t understand the point of Twitter. That is of course “unless you are a musician advertising a gig or you are a comedian doing one liners.” The 79 year old director then asked her for an example of something someone has put on Twitter, so Stone pulled up a tweet from Joyce Carol Oates “Tragedy plus time equals comedy.” As it turns out, the quote was one of Allen’s own, from the 1989 film Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Stone went on to say that Allen doesn’t think Oates intentional stole his quote, but found the experience to be funny and got the point of what Stone was trying to say. Stone ended the interview by saying “My only example was his own quote. That’s probably another reason why he should be on Twitter.”


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