10 Male Celebrities Who Are Shorter Than You Think


Have you ever bumped into a celebrity and were shocked by how short they were? Being behind the camera makes it hard to judge properly how tall, or short some stars really are. Today we take a look at a few who are much shorter than you think.

You’d think that Rocky Balboa and Rambo were giants among men by all of their accomplishments on the screen, but actor Sylvester Stallone is only 5’7″ in height. His larger than life presence definitely makes him seem much bigger than he is.

Here’s one we bet you weren’t aware of, because when he stars next to Chris Evans and Chris Hemmsworth in The Avengers, he wears lifts in his shoes to make him look taller. Robert Downey Jr. is only 5’9″, same as his hulking co-star Mark Ruffalo.

Back to the Future and Family Ties star Michael J. Fox is only 5’4″, but we figure it helped him play characters that were much younger than he was at the time. After all Marty McFly was a teenager in the film Back to the Future, while Fox was all ready nearing his mid-20s.

Kanye West is well known for speaking his mind and his big ego, but what isn’t so big is his height. He’s only 5’8″.

Perhaps it’s his strong opinions and convictions, but Jon Stewart just seems like he is a much bigger man than he is. He’s really only 5’6″.

Ok, this one isn’t so shocking. Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise is known for his tricks for making himself look taller when photographed next to his ex-wives and other women he’s dated. He’s 5’7″.

He’s known as the piano man, not the tall man, and with all the time he spends sitting behind a piano it’s hard to tell that Billy Joel is only 5’5″.

Another action star who isn’t as big as you would like to believe he is, is Mark Wahlberg. The one time leader of The Funky Bunch (not to forget underwear model) is only 5’8″. His brother Donnie is a little taller at 5’10”.

Everyone knows rock legend Prince is short, but did you know he’s only 5’2″? That’s shorter than anyone on our list.

Not only is Bruno Mars not his real name (he was born¬†Peter Gene Hernandez), but the Hawaiian singer is also much shorter than you think. He stands a total of 5’5″ tall.

Photo: Eva Rinaldi on Wikipedia

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