Black Widow Fans Organize International Flash Mob


If you happened to see a lot of women dressed in red wigs and form fitting black suits over the weekend, you may have unintentionally found yourself taking part in the Black Widow flash mob that occurred over the weekend. Fans of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character organized an international flash mob, all in an attempt to help the Marvel universe superhero get her own solo movie and make sure the characters isn’t left out of Marvel’s advertising for the film.

The Avengers have been a huge international sensation, and since her first appearance in Iron Man 2 Black Widow has gathered a huge following of her own as well. She’s been such a hit, that fans have been shocked that she has yet to get a solo movie of her own. Not only that, but her character has been left out of  some advertising campaigns for the movie, and a fair bit of the merchandise created for it as well.

Organizers encouraged fans to dress up as Black Widow, and share the pictures on social media with the hashtag #WeWantWidow. In an interview with The Mary Sue, the organizer Kristin Rielly said I hope that this is the beginning of a more inclusive superhero universe for future movies and merchandise. I hope that the companies making awesome movies and fantastic toys and clothes realize that they can do even more because they have a bigger demographic than they originally thought. And I hope this inspires more geek girls to stand up and continue to have a strong and positive voice for inclusion in our community.”

Photo: Twitter


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