Drake Changes Lyrics To Madonna Tribute Song To Honour Rihanna


We’re not sure how much there is to be read into this, but Sunday night during the opening night of his Jungle Tour in Houston, Toronto rapper Drake decided to change the lyrics of his song Madonna, to include Rihanna instead of the Material Girl.

First came the song back in February, then Drake’s famous reaction when Madonna appeared on stage with him during Coachella and made out with him, and then at the start of May Madonna reacted to the kiss on Live with Romeo’s Saturday Night Online. In the interview Madonna referenced Katy Perry’s hit song I Kissed a Girl when asked about kissing Drake, and later on she said she would have told her younger self “Don’t kiss Drake, no matter how many times he begs you to.”

Perhaps Sunday night’s changing of the lyrics by Drake was in retaliation to Madonna’s comments? Of course the lyric change could just be to honour his frequent collaborator and ex-girlfriend Rihanna. The crowd sure seemed to like the change. We’re not sure if this change is permanent, but if it isn’t, Drake might have to release this variation of the song for his fans. Take a listen below for the changed track.

Photo: Brennan Schnell on Wikipedia

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