Celebrities With June Birthdays


In North America June is the gateway to the summer, with some of the first really hot weather of the year arriving. Some of our favourite celebrities celebrate their birthdays in June as well. From Angelina Jolie to Johnny Depp, we take a look at June’s celebrity birthdays.

There was a time that it seemed liked Morgan Freeman was doing voice-over work for every commercial. He may have cooled off with that a little bit, but he still has four movies coming out this year, and his 77th birthday to celebrate on June 1st,

Angelina Jolie has been in the spotlight for a long time, yet on June 4th she only turns 39. Of course she was just 16 when she started her career, so she has been working for 23 years so far. Also celebrating his 39th birthday on June 4th is comedian Russell Brand.

At 43 years old Mark Wahlberg is still going strong, and with four movies coming out this year he’s doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Both the Entourage movie, and Ted 2 come out this month, so his June 5th birthday is sure to be a happy one.

June 7th is a big day for celebrity birthdays. First off Australian rapper Iggy Azalea turns 24, the icon Prince (he doesn’t still go by Prince right?) turns 56, and dramatic actor turned action star Liam Neeson turns 62.

The Kardashian clan is sure to help Kanye West celebrate his 37th birthday on June 8th. either that or he will help himself celebrate on Twitter. For the record, his son turns 1 on the 15th of June.

Johnny Depp is hoping to turn his career around with Black Mass coming out later this year, but first he hits 51 on June 9th. Also celebrating on this day are Michael J. Fox who turns 53 and Natalie Portman who turns 33.

Swimsuit model Kate Upton turns 22 on June 10th. Maybe she’ll celebrate by playing a Game Of War.

Captain America Chris Evans turns 33 on June 13th, while the Olsen Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley turn 28. Maybe this will be the day they finally agree to do the Full House reunion show.

Pretty Little Lairs star Lucy Hale turns 25 on the 14th of June, whereas Donald Trump turns 68.

On June 18th two musicians celebrate birthdays. First up, former Beatle Paul McCartney turns 72. Then we’ve got one of the stars of The Voice, Blake Shelton who turns 38.

If there is an actress who feels like old Hollywood, even though she’s only turning 47 on June 20th, it has to be Nicole Kidman. The star has a possible 6 movies to be released this year.

With 19 nominations and 3 wins at the Oscars, Meryl Streep has had a long, and successful career. She turns 65 on June 22nd.

She doesn’t look 19 let alone 21, but that’s what singer Ariana Grande turns on June 26th. She’s also the last person on our list for the month.

Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Wikipedia

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