Watch Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Comment On Chicken-Stealing Lawsuit


When Mila Kunis asked in her recently released video where she and Ashton Kutcher comment on the chicken-stealing lawsuit filed against her on Monday “Which chicken did I steal?”, she really says everything that needed to be said on the matter.  The pair continue to make a joke of the entire matter however, even calling into question the motives behind the lawsuit.

In case you haven’t heard, singer Kristina Karo filed a lawsuit against Kunis on Monday for allegedly stealing her treasured pet chicken named ‘Doggie’ when they were both growing up together in the Ukraine. She’s seeking $5,000 to cover therapy sessions she needed for emotional abuse after the event initially occurred and again after arriving in the US.

Kunis responded to the lawsuit by posting a video on Meerkat.  In it she states “I was weeping … I was dumbfounded … Which chicken did I steal?”.

Kutcher and Kunis even question the timing of the lawsuit, saying that the suit was filed as Karo tries to hawk a new music video.  It’s this video that the pair say it making them contemplate filing a countersuit because it caused them pain. “My body hurts, my eyes hurt; they’re burning. That requires money,” Kunis said.

All we can say on the matter is this, $5000 for a chicken?  That must have been some treasured pet.

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