See The Name Gamblers Are Hoping Prince William And Princess Kate Name Their Newborn


There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to Princess Kate and Prince William’s baby, especially when it comes to when it will be born, what sex it is and what the royal couple plan on naming it.  The new playmate for Prince George is expected to arrive soon though, before the end of the month.  As for the unknowns, they could spell a hefty payday for the gambling type.  Upwards of $750,000 hefty.

On the William Hill online gambling website the top odds of 6/4 are given to the name Alice being given to the baby, with hopefuls choosing April 21 as the date of birth.  Of course people may be choosing that particular date, because it is also Queen Elizabeth II’s 89th birthday. If those are the winning combination, someone could win $750,000.  Even just getting the date of April 21st right could win someone $110,000.

Other choices for a girl’s name that gamblers are hoping for include Elizabeth and Charlotte at 11/2 odds and Victoria at 12/1.  Of course it hasn’t been determined if it will be a girl, so odds on boys names include James 8/1, Arthur 20/1 and Alexander 25/1.

Photo: Jaqen on Wikipedia

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