What Films To See At Hot Docs 2015 Festival


The Hot Docs 2015 Festival runs from April 23rd – May 3rd this year, and like most years there are a wide range of documentaries, covering all sorts of topics from cancer to what it means to be Canadian.  It’s North America’s largest documentary film festival, and this year it boasts 210 films from 45 countries.  We take a look at some of our favourite, can’t miss documentaries that we’ll be the first in line to see this year.

Opening the festival this year is TIG, a documentary that follows the struggle of comedian Tig Notaro who famously told the world of her plight when she opened up a set one night in October 2012 with “Good evening—I have cancer.”  notaro herself is expected to be at the opening, sharing the stage with directors Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York.  Hot Docs programming director Charlotte Cook said in a statement that “Tig Notaro’s story shows us what it means to be a creative person when life gets difficult, and how intertwined identity and humour can be in the face of overwhelming challenges.”

Deep Web makes its international premiere as well.  It’s directed by Alex Winter, who is better know as Bill from the 1980’s classic movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  It looks at the dangers of a new Internet, one that they describe as decentralized, encrypted and beyond the law as it examines the case against alleged Silk Road founder Ross Ulbrecht.

There’s a world of people out there, and each one is different from the other.  Nothing suits this better than the documentary A Different Drummer: Celebrating Eccentrics.  It looks at several oddballs who have shunned society and lived to their own beat.  From Daniel, who lives in a Utah cave and has not used money for 15 years, to Laura, aka the Duck Lady, who wheels her pet duck around in a buggy and gives out cookies to the homeless, you will find a wide assortment of interesting people.

The world premiere of Being Canadian is another can’t miss film, as successful Hollywood writer Robert Cohen (Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons) returns home to rediscover Canada’s national identity.  As he travels coast to coast to dismiss stereotypes and redefine what it means to be Canadian, he chats with Mike Myers, Seth Rogen, Will Arnett, Rick Mercer, Martin Short and many others.

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