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Top Mid-Season Replacement Shows Of All Time


We’re at the half-way mark of the TV season, which means that some of the new shows that premiered back in the fall have all ready been canceled.  With every cancellation however, something has to fill in the time, and if a network doesn’t use re-runs of a popular series to fill the hole in their schedule, then it will fill it with a new series to see how it does.  This year The Odd Couple, The Last Man On Earth, and Better Call Saul, as well as several others, are making their debuts in February and March.  Here are our favourites of all time.

All In The Family – This Emmy Award winning series premiered in January 1971 and ended up lasting for 9 season.  It followed the working class bigot Archie Bunker, and addressed several relevant topics of the day.

Scandal -This political thriller series starring Kerry Washington originally premiered in April 2012 as a mid-season replacement, and it became so popular that it became part of ABC’s regular schedule the next fall.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer – After the movie did so-so at the box office due to the movie studio tinkering with his concept, Joss Whedon decided to go in a different direction in March 1997, TV.  He was approached by FOX who let him do the show the way he wanted to, and the rest is history.  7 season, 144 episodes, a spin-off and a cult following later, meant the series was a huge success.

Dallas – The original prime-time soap opera started in April of 1978 as a five part mini-series, and it was so popular that the network had no choice but to turn it into a regular series.  It lasted thirteen season (fourteen if you could the first five episodes) and even recently spawned an updated series.

The Simpsons – The longest running TV show ever started out in December 1989 as a mid-season replacement.  It’s become a part of popular culture, and after 26 seasons it is still going strong.  They even released a movie, with more to come in the future.

The Office – Based on the hit British series of the same name, The Office premiered in March 2005.  It won several awards, including 4 Prime-Time Emmy’s. The series didn’t start strong however, and was on the cusp of being cancelled during its first season.  The next year however it became the second highest scripted series on NBC.


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