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The Creepiest TV Shows Of All Time


Zombies have been gold on television for quite some time, and this week the latest series based on the horror franchise staple is set to premiere on the CW.  iZombie is based on the DC Comic book of the same name, and it follows a medical student turned part zombie who assists the police in solving crimes.  Only time will tell if it is as popular as other horror based shows on television, but in the meantime we take a look at the creepiest tv shows of all time.

You can’t write about creepy on tv, without mentioning The X-Files. the series began in 1993 and ran for 9 seasons and had two theatrical movies as well.  It ran a thin line between horror and science fiction, but when it was creepy, you found yourself not wanting to sleep with the lights off.  Rumors persist that the series is headed for a reboot.

Zombies on TV was unheard of until 2010 when The Walking Dead first started airing.  The series continues to be ratings gold for AMC, and even has a spin-offs series in the works for next year.  It too was based on a very popular comic book.  As the series moves forward the show has become less about the zombies, and more about the humans that have survived the outbreak.

Originally Supernatural was created to be a 5 season series, with a storyline that was mapped out to end as soon as the 5th season came to a close.  It is now in its 11th season however, and shows no signs of slowing down.  There is a fair bit of comedy in the episodes, which is part of its charm, but when the show decides it wants to be scary, it’s one of the creepiest things on TV.

These next two series have to be mentioned in the same breath.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a popular series about a teenage slayer of, well vampires, and after a few seasons some of its character were spun-off into the equally popular Angel.  Angel was darker Buffy, but both had their moments to freak you out.  We still have nightmares about the silent Gentlemen!

Last year Laura Vandervoort returned to TV to star in Bitten, a series that follows the adventures of the only female werewolf and her clan.  It’s based on the popular series of novels by Kelley Armstrong.  Season two of the popular series starts on April 17th.

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