Justin Bieber And Madonna Play Never Have I Ever On The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Madonna just released a new album at the start of this month and is gearing up for a new tour, and Justin Bieber will be closing out the month as he gets roasted on Comedy Central, so it’s no surprise that the duo met up somewhere along the line.  We just never thought it would be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Yesterday Madonna was the guest as #MadonnaWeek continued on the hit daytime talk show, and Justin Bieber stopped by to play a little game of “Never Have I Ever” with her.

During the “Never Have I Ever” game,  Bieber claimed never to have had phone sex, whereas Madonna admitted that she had.  Madonna had also used someone else’s toothbrush without telling them.   Both Bieber and Madonna admitted to fooling around in a bathroom at a party. as well as dating someone and their siblings, and forgetting the name of the person they were fooling around with.  Bieber wouldn’t admit however having being kicked out of a bar, after all he just turned 21.   The funniest part of the clip was when Madonna asked the question of having sex with more than two different people on the same day, and she was the only one who admitted to doing so.


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