Evelyne Brochu Interview On X Company- CBC’s Spy Drama Premiering Tonight And Learning To Run In Heels


Evelyne Brochu stars as Aurora Luft in the upcoming CBC series X Company that premieres this evening at 9 pm. The French Canadian actress best known for playing Delphine, the girlfriend to one of the clones-Cosima on Orphan Black, took a moment to discuss the new World War II spy drama with Real Style. Check out what she tells us about the show, what it was like to fight like a man and learning to run in heels like a 1940’s dame.

Tell us more about your new show and the exciting role you play?

It’s a world-war two adventure drama. We follow a team of five spies, chosen specifically for their unusual skills, trained in a cool secret facility on the shores of Lake Ontario and then catapulted into occupied France. The life and death situations, the difficult decisions, the hardships and small victories, all of these will affect each member of the team differently throughout the missions and the season. I definitely think it’s a show that will get people’s heart pumping.

With the success of Marvel’s Agent Carter, it looks like female agents are coming into their own. Is this role very physical- do you get to kick some enemy butt?
I do! I got to do my first stunts ever! Made me really regret not paying attention to stage-combat classes in theatre school! I used to think only boys would find a use for these techniques, but thankfully I was wrong! There no training a woman can’t use, and that says a lot. Women more and more are becoming the subject whereas before they were more often the object. And that’s great! About time no?

Did you have any special preparation for this role?
I had to learn some German lines, figure out how the guns work, rehearse some fight scenes. But, to be honest the hardest part was the running. Because our characters are spies we are dressed as civilians most of the time, beautiful period costumes, but women in those days wore high heels. I feel like I ran on cobble stone streets in high heels non-stop for three months. I now consider this a special skill.

How is the character you play like you?
That’s always a hard question. I think we are both idealists, but she has way more courage than I do!

Did you always know you wanted to be an actor? And if you weren’t an actor what do you think you’d be doing?
I think it was always there. As a kid I wanted to be an archeologist and two days later a novelist, then a journalist, I would always change my mind, couldn’t settle for one. But in the meantime I was putting on short cabaret-style shows for my family in the backyard of my grandparents cottage. I remember skits where I would play opposite our cat or songs that I would sing while tapping on a cookie box. Good thing we didn’t film everything back then like we do now.  The other good thing is that now I get to pretend to be a journalist, archaeologist… etc. No need to choose! I hate choices really. ( As to not being an actor) I truly don’t know. I think I would’ve changed my mind a lot. Who knows what I would’ve gone for? Something that involves writing maybe?

We are glad that Evelyne opted for being an actor and can’t wait for the new show!


Photo:  CBC

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