Laura Vandervoort Talks Season Two Of “Bitten”: “ Elena Is In Assassin Mode & Out For Revenge”

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As female werewolf Elena Michaels in the supernatural drama series Bitten, 30-year-old Toronto-born and Los Angeles-based actress Laura Vandervoort is a sultry sensation. Real Style had a chance to catch up with the blonde beauty, who was also the cover girl for our Summer 2013 issue. The actress chatted with us about Season 2 of Bitten, where we can expect Elena seeking revenge, adjusting to her form as a fearless wolf and encountering witchy new supernatural powers along the way.

Real Style: Bitten very quickly became a fan favorite on Syfy. Do you think it’s because Bitten is a sexy show, and you play one sexy wolf!

Laura: Yeah, it is {sexy}for sure. That’s definitely a part of it, they are animals, the animalistic sexual side to everything and the guys aren’t bad to look at. But there’s also the drama, with the family dynamic. The first season was similar to The Sopranos, sort of protect the pack, protect the family at all costs. We had some amazing stunt sequences, and we all got to do our own stunts and training. But, I mostly was in love with the drama that our writers and producers created for Elena. All the stuff that she went through, the skeletons in her closet, being molested as a child, bringing that character on, getting her revenge. The first season was really her torn between these two worlds, her two lives. But this new season, she picks up three days after the finale, after finding her human boyfriend’s head in her bed. So, three days later is our first episode and Elena is seeking revenge and she’s bloodthirsty and she’s out to revenge Phillip, and at the same time, she’s sort of for the first time accepting her inner wolf.

Real Style: It seems like in the beginning and season one of Bitten, she didn’t know if she was going to stay in the human world, but now it looks like she’s moving and going to be firmly in the wolf world.

Laura: Yeah, she is. She’s almost in assassin mode this season, she’s a powerful little powerhouse. She’s not afraid to kill, she’s not afraid to embrace who she is. I think a lot of fans are going to expect that Clay and Elena get together, now that Phillip is gone. That could be the case, but a lot gets in their way and she is sort of almost emotionally unavailable to him in the first couple of episodes.

Real Style: It was so crazy when Clay bit her hand in season one, essentially making Elena into a wolf, that was so unexpected. The way you played that scene was very cool, because you were all smiley and your hand is out, and you’re just like “ah!” and with no idea what’s about to happen.

Laura: Thank you! Well, I think with that scene, the audience was shocked that Clay bit her. Obviously, until the end of the first season, she thinks that Clay selfishly bit her to keep her, when in reality we find out that the alpha, Jeremy, was going to kill her that day because he thought that she had seen him change from his wolf form. If anyone sees that, they have to die, pack rules. Unbeknownst to her, Clay was actually saving her by biting her, because Jeremy then couldn’t kill her. So it’s sort of like a whole betrayal thing at the end of the season. This year, her relationship with Jeremy is a little strained because of that. We have a new DOP (director of photography) this year, so the show looks, I would say, moodier and edgier than it did the first season and almost cinematic. We bring in some witches, who were in through the books, so that’s a whole new world for the wolves to deal with, because it’s a supernatural power they have no idea how to handle.

Season 2 of Bitten premieres on Space on Saturday, February 7 at 9 p.m. EST/10 p.m. PST

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