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Craziest Academy Awards Moments Through Oscar History

83rd Academy Awards, Arrivals

Admit it, you watch the Oscars hoping for a crazy speech, an oddball host, or an unexpected run-in.  After all, you never know quite what to expect when you are on live tv.  With the Oscars happening tonight, we thought it was a perfect time to take a look back at some of the craziest, most memorable moments to ever happen during the telecast.

Marlon Brando Sends A Native American To Decline His Oscar:  Technically Marlon Brando has won two Oscars over his career, but he turned down his second one in 1973 for the Godfather. He didn’t even show up to the broadcast, and instead sent Native American activist Sacheen Littlefeather to decline it. After doing so she spoke of the inequality the Aboriginal people faced at the time.

Jack Palance Shows Off His One-Handed Push-Up Skills: The 72 year old actor won an Oscar for Best Actor in City Slickers in 1991, and instead of just giving a speech, he decided to show everyone that he’s not an old man by dropping down on the stage and doing on-handed push-ups in front of the live crowd.  In might have been a little odd, but it was entertaining.

The Streaker: A year after Brando turned down his Oscar, a streaker decided to run across the stage. David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor when it all went down, and everyone at home saw more than they were expecting that night.

Roberto Benigni’s Excitement:  Winning an Oscar is definitely a career highlight for anyone who has ever won one, but in Roberto Benigni’s case he seemed to be way more excited than anyone before him (or who has come after him for that matter).  He leaped out of his chair during the 1999 broadcast after winning for Life Is Beautiful and onto the chair in front of him, before raising his hands and cheering with the crowd.  We can’t imagine anyone else ever doing that.

James Franco’s Hosting Job: When you think of bad Oscar hosts, you have to consider The Interview star.  The Academy was trying to be more youthful and hip, and hired Franco and Anne Hathaway to host.  Unfortunately it was embarrassing and unforgettable at the same time. You felt bad for Hathaway who was trying everything she could (which made her pretty over the top), but James Franco was boring, even though he seemed like he was stoned through most of it.   It is one of those instances like watching a train wreck, where you couldn’t turn away.

Photo credit: MICHAEL YADA / ©A.M.P.A.S.


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