5 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Keaton


The front runner for the Best Actor at the Oscar’s this year has got to be Michael Keaton for his come back role in Birdman.  The 63 year old actor has appearing in movies since 1982’s Night Shift, and has hardly taken a breath since.  In honour of his nomination, we bring you 5 things you probably didn’t know about the actor.

His real name is Michael Douglas: When he went to join the actor’s union Michael knew he had to create a stage name (after all there couldn’t be two Michael Douglas’) and came up with Michael Keaton.  A popular myth is that he chose it because of Diane Keaton, but really it was just a random choice.  His name by the way is still Michael Douglas as he never legally changed it.

He was originally set to be in Lost:   You might have a hard time picturing this, but Michael Keaton was originally set to play Dr. Jack Shephard in Lost.  He had to back out of the tv show however after it was decided that the character wouldn’t be killed off early on.  Matthew Fox took on the role afterwards.

He could have been a Ghostbuster:  Who you gonna call?  Michael Douglas was originally offered one of two roles in the iconic movie, Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler, and he turned them both down.  Bill Murray and Harold Ramis went on to take his place.

He was a short Batman:  At 5’9″ tall Keaton was, and is still is, the shortest actor to portray the superhero.  Fans were outraged that he had been cast as Batman, so much so that Warner Brothers had to release an advance trailer to show them that he could play the role, and that the movie wouldn’t be campy.

He dated Courtney Cox:  From 1989 – 1995 Keaton and Cox were a couple, even though there was a ten years difference between them.

Photo: Gage Skidmore of Wikipedia

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