Sundance 2015’s Top 5 Movies


Sundance 2015 is upon us, and if you are a movie lover you’ve probably all ready put together a list of films you can’t wait to see.  Here is ours.

The Bronze:  Odds are you’ve all ready heard about this film starring The Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch.  It’s about a  bitter, washed up Olympic Bronze Medalist who is asked to mentor a young gymnast with hopes of one day making it big. The critics are torn on the movie, but apparently there is a sex scene in the movie that is rather unique and  has caught all sorts of attention.

Mississippi Grind:  Ryan Reynolds has been making all sorts of bad choices when it comes to movies to star in lately, but this one may be the film to get him out of his slump.  It’s about a pair of gamblers who team up and make their way across the south as they head to a high stakes poker game in New Orleans.

Stockholm, Pennsylvania: Saoirse Ronan plays a girl who returns to her parents, 17 years after being kidnapped.  While kidnapped she was told that the world outside had ended, and after returning home she finds herself struggling to readjust to her life.  This dark and dramatic film may not be for everyone, but it’s a role Saorsie can really run with.

The Stanford Prison Experiment:  We all know how well real-life films do during awards season, and this may be a film that stands out next year during them.  The film follows the true story of the psychological study where students volunteer to become either a prisoner or a guard in order to examine the effects of imprisonment.  Of course things start to go really wrong when the students start falling into their roles.

Z For Zachariah:  This science fiction story is based on the 1974 story of the same name, and it’s about three survivors who become entangled in a love triangle after the men start to wonder if the woman is the last female on the planet. Chris Pine, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Margot Robbie star.

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