Julianne Moore’s Most Memorable Roles


Julianne Moore’s latest film Still Alice opened wide this weekend, and critics have not been able to say enough about her performance in it.  She even found herself getting an Academy Award nomination for her role as a linguistics professor diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. It’s a powerful role, and it may just snag her the Oscar on her fifth nomination.  In honor of the many terrific roles she’s played, we take a look back at her career.

Boogie Nights – This 1997 film about a pornography actor in the 1970s and early 1980’s saw Julianne Moore turns heads as Amber Waves.  She got her first Oscar nomination for the supporting role.

The Hands That Rocks The Cradle – She may not have been the star of this 1992 thriller, but she certainly stood out playing the family friend who discovered the nanny’s secret and paid dearly for it.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park – Julianne Moore has had the ability to play all sorts of characters so well, that you probably forget many of the movies she’s been in.  This sequel to Jurassic Park is one of the roles people have forgotten she’s played until they catch it on tv while flipping through channels.

The End Of The Affair – In 1999 Julianne Moore turned in a memorable performance in this film, so much so that many believed she was robbed by Hilary Swank when she lost.  In it she plays an object of obsessions who ends up stalked by a former lover.

Hannibal – It was hard for Julianne Moore to win audiences over for her role as Clarice Starling in this Silence of the Lambs sequel, but she did a great job of it.  Sure she may not have won an Oscar for it like Jodi Foster did, but by the end of the movie hers was the only face you remembered in the role.

 Blindness – Not one to shy away from controversial roles, Julianne Moore made audiences sit on their edge of their seat when her character, the lone person in the film not affected by the disease that robbed people of their sight, voluntarily gave herself up to the villains of the film to be raped.

The Kids Are All Right – In this film Julianne played a lesbian who is in a committed relationship and has two children seeking a relationship with their father.  Her co-stars Annette Bening and Mark Ruffalo were both nominated for Oscars, and it’s a shame she wasn’t as well.  It was a compelling drama that made you laugh and cry.

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