Is Beyonce Pregnant With Baby Number 2?


Photo from @beyonce

It seems Beyonce may have hinted to baby number 2 in her latest Instagram picture that she posted yesterday.

While vacationing in Phuket, Thailand Bey posted a pic showing her buried in the sand. While that may seem like a normal thing kids love to do to their parents, one thing stands out, the protruding belly Blue Ivy gave her. The singer loves to keep things on the down-low, and loves to surprise her fans with little to no notice given. In the past year, she released a surprise album along with a self-produced music video. And let’s not forget when she released her self-titled album Beyoncé to iTunes on December 13, 2013, without any announcements or promotions.

So could the pop queen be teasing a baby on board, or is it just some harmless fun Blue was having with her mom. We hope that it’s true and hopefully more information is on the way.

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