Being Human Star Sam Huntington Talks His New Role In Film The Throwaways


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Born in Peterborough, New Hampshire, Sam Huntington loves what he does. Acting since the tender age of 9, and producing his own film at age 12, Huntington is headed towards becoming a breakthrough star in Hollywood. Best known for his role in Syfy drama series Being Human as werewolf, Josh Levison. In his latest role in Crackle’s new film feature The Throwaways, Huntington plays Drew Reynolds, a cyber hacker captured by the CIA and given the chance to work for them or spend life in jail.

Real Style: Did you always want to work in this industry while you were growing up? Or did you have other professions in mind?

Sam:  I’ve pretty much always known I wanted to be an actor. I was born with it, so to speak. I started in theatre when I was very young and made my first film when I was 12, and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work consistently since then.

RS: How did you come to learn about this part? What interested you in it?

S: I loved the role and thought the script was super fun, so it was worth it.

RS: Tell us about your character in the film?

S: He has a quick wit, but no real people skills, so he can come off as a bit of a jerk. This being said, he has a big heart, and that helps him conquer his awkwardness and really become something of a hero.

RS: How’s this role different from others you have played? Is it your favorite role so far?

S: This role is a bit different than the other roles I’ve played in that Drew is really a leader. Granted, he’s a reluctant one, but still he has to man up and lead this team. I like that element a lot, and it’s definitely something new for me.

RS: What sets The Throwaways apart from other hacker movies?

S: I think the comedic element is definitely something that sets this film aside from other films in this genre. I was instantly attracted to the humor, and I hope viewers will be as well.

RS: What has been your favorite experience with the film?

S: Working with the cast was my favorite part of making this film. We had a blast. They’re all just wonderful, talented people. I was really lucky to have them with me.

RS: What are you most excited for people to see?

S: I’m just excited for people to watch the film in general. I think it’s a fun, awkward romp into the world of cyber-terrorism.

RS: How was it working with James Caan and Kevin Dillon?

S: Once again, the cast was fantastic. Needless to say, both of those guys are icons, so it was a thrill to work with them both. Kevin is such an awesome dude. So funny and eager and present. And James is just a wealth of stories. His body of work is so vast, so it’s really fun just being around him.

RS: Any upcoming projects you are working on?

S: I’ve been writing a pilot for Syfy that I’m really excited about. It’s been a really fun experience and been occupying most of my time. I also made a film in November called After Finding Sofia that I’m really proud of. So look out for that one!

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