Madonna’s Most Iconic Pieces Sell For Millions At Celebrity Auction


Madonna’s material things sold for millions at a two-day in-house  and online celebrity auction that began November 7. A collection of dresses and outfits and jewelry worn by the iconic singer during her career in both music and film helped raise $3.2m for the charity.

More than 140 items from Madonna’s life were contributed to the auction. “This was the biggest collection of Madonna items ever to come to auction at one time,” said Martin Nolan, the executive director of the auction house.

The hottest item was a jacket from Desperately Seeking Susan, which sold for $252,000, while a gown from her Material Girl video reached $73,125. Madonna’s wedding dress she wore when she wed actor Sean Penn in 1985 sold for $81,250 and a dress she wore during her Who’s That Girl tour reached bids of $50,000.

Other items in the Californian auction were iconic pieces from Michael Jackson, Cher and The Beatles. A pair of John Lennon’s spectacles sold for $25,000 and a ring worn by Elvis Presley for $57,600.

“They are selling their own items and a generous portion is going to go to their charities,” said Nolan, who estimated the entire sale to raise between $1.2 million to $1.8 million, which was far surpassed in the end.

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