Lowell’s Debut Album “We Loved Her Dearly” Challenges Listeners

lowelIn her first debut album, Lowell gives listeners a look into her dark past and at the strong woman she has since become, in “We Loved Her Dearly,” released just last month.

We had the chance to speak with Lowell about her new album as well as the message she holds behind her unique look.

Real Style: What was your inspiration behind your new album?

Lowell: I think the main inspiration was just my own experiences and the story that I have been wanting to express, but also my love for indie and pop music and wanting to combine the two.

RS: How was the tour with Icona Pop?

L: It was great, they’re really awesome girls and have become good friends of mine.  I think I’m going to L.A. afterwards to write with them for maybe a month or so.

RS: They are someone you would want to collaborate with?

L: Yeah definitely.

RS: What has been the fan reaction so far with the new album?

L: It’s been great. It’s been a nice slow build which is what I wanted. I purposely made music that was somewhat challenging to listen it but also hopefully something that people could fall in love with. Because I would rather challenge my listeners than just make something that’s super easy to listen to that you can discard right away so in that I think I have achieved my goal.

RS: How are you challenging your listeners?

L: As a pop artist I could easily go to a certain sound that instantly sounds familiar, that are easy to dance to and that you’ve heard before but I really tried hard in this to creates sounds that were familiar but at the same time just a little bit different and not what everyone’s already heard before.BeFunky_album.jpg

RS: What sort of things do you talk about?

L: I do try to talk about more serious subjects in my music, that’s not to say that some of it is light hearted and fun, but there are a lot of sort of more intense subjects I would say. I have been through a lot of things as a female like sexual harassment and being the victim of abuse and it wasn’t easy to go through those things and the hardest thing about it was the fact that I felt like I was alone and that I couldn’t t talk to anyone about it. As I started sharing my story more I realized that more and more people have been through the same things or could relate so I thought if I were going to come out publicly with something like a record it might as well represent a large group of people that don’t feel like they are being represented.

RS: Is that when you wanted to start singing? Or were you singing before?

L: I was singing before. I think it sort of came with it. I think as I felt empowered musically I felt more and more empowered as a human being as well and the more I sort of learned about the inhibitions I had and why I had them, the more free I felt and the more exhilarated I felt about speaking out.

RS: How would you describe your personal style?

L: I think that if you spend more time on what you look like than you are as a human being uh that’s a problem. But that’s not to say that I don’t love fashion. Because I do. I think that it’s important for me to have certain items of clothing that I can wear all the time, I don’t always have to be thinking about it it’s just something that represents me. But I definitely think my look is, I hope, is creative and represents an artistic side of me and also is sort of fierce and strong and makes me feel empowered.

RS: Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?

L: I was just talking to the girls in Icona Pop because we both love combat boots because it makes us feel like were weighted to the ground and super strong and any sort of thick heels as well. Because I find that some heels are designed to make you look sort of frail and weak and uncomfortable and other ones are designed to make you tall and regal.

RS: What’s next?

L: I have a show in Toronto, December 5th at the garrison and I’m also working on my next round of merch shirts, I’m hoping to do low armpit shirts, the tank tops but draped really low to your ribs. I am probably just going to make them myself.

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