James Franco Releases Preview of New Album With Band Daddy

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James Franco has released a preview of his first album with his new band Daddy.

The album, titled Let Me Get What I Want is due to be released in next year. All of the lyrics are taken from Franco’s poem collectionEvery song by the band will be accompanied by a video and will feature a painting by the talented actor. Each of the videos should be watched in the order stated, as they add up to a one hour long mini film that tells a story of the relationships of three characters: Tom, Erica and Sterling.

Franco’s bands sound has been compared to English rock band The Smiths and even has former Smiths bassist, Andy Rourke on each song, which simply adds to the credentials of the actor’s debut into the music world.

The first video released for the album is titled This Charming Man and like some other songs on the record, is titled after famous Smiths tracks. Rolling Stone Magazine has described the track as a ‘hazy grooving track.’

Check it out here:

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