Ryan Reynolds, Rosario Dawson Shine In ‘The Captive’

the captive

Atom Egoyan ‘s The Captive brought out some of the strongest performances we’ve seen in years from Ryan Reynolds and Rosario Dawson. Perhaps it was a total departure from the roles we usually see them in that made all the difference.

The Captive revolves around the kidnapping of a small-town girl and the effect it has on her family and the detectives investigating the case. Reynolds plays a grief-stricken father dealing with the guilt of his child going missing on his watch. It’s a strong performance, portraying great range and depth. Rosario Dawson’s detective-psychiatrist is a study of controlled emotion masking a dark past.

One of Egoyan’s inspirations for the story was an investigation in the late 1990s into a pedophile ring in Cornwall, Ontario, which implicated a number of Catholic church members and senior officials such as lawyers, police seniors and more. That investigation led to no arrests, but more questions and three suicides from the accused.

Egoyan’s film does a good job of making the audience wonder just who is in on the kidnapping, right until the end.

Fans of Egoyan’s work, especially, will want to see this movie. The film opens across Canada on Friday.

Photo: IMDB

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