Lucas Bryant of Haven Tries His Hand At Directing The Show This Season

lucas_bryant_HavenSeason 5 of Haven debuts this week, which sees Elmira, Ontario, star Lucas Bryant taking on the series’ biggest season yet. With a spot in the director’s chair for the first time, the hilariously charming Lucas gives Real Style the inside scoop on his starring role as Nathan and the show’s new season plot twists.

What’s in store for Nathan this season?

Lucas Bryant: Nathan is a hot mess! I think, you know, fans have seen what Nathan is all about and he is not going to waver in his convictions. But, I guess the surprises they have in store is exactly what he has to deal with, because it’s a whole new kind of problem. The love of his life has been, again, ripped out of his grasp and transformed into this she-devil.

This is a big season for Haven–26 episodes instead of the usual 13! How was it to shoot?

Lucas Bryant: Well, we’re just over halfway through and so far I’m really surprised. I expected to be just really ruined, but it seems like everyone’s paced themselves for the marathon and they still got a lot of juice left – which is great, thankfully.

And you’ll be doing some directing this season?

Lucas Bryant: I will, it’s coming up. I’ve been bugging them about that since the beginning; I let them know that’s something I’m interested in.  And because I’m Canadian that’s possible. Because we shoot in Canada, there’s a certain number of quotas that need to be filled by Canadians. So all the directors on Haven are Canadian or have Canadian status. So that could work out for me and they were very open to that, and encouraged me and supported me since the beginning. I shadowed visiting directors over the years. I love acting but I’d like to have more input in how stories are told. I’d love to do a little bit of both.

Tune in to Season 5 of Haven, premiering Sept. 18, on Showcase at 9 p.m. For more on the show, check out our interview with Haven star Emily Rose.

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