Haven’s Emily Rose On The Troubles With Mara

Emily Rose of Haven

With four seasons under her belt and an extended fifth season underway, Haven star Emily Rose is set to play another character this season,  Mara, whom she says will add a fascinating new dimension for fans to explore. Emily talked about what fans can expect this season, and how Mara is adding an interesting twist to the much watched show.

What can we expect from your character this season?

Emily Rose: Well, we finished last season and we got a sneak peek at this character named Mara. One of the premises of Haven is that my character, Audrey, has lived in several different people’s skin. We’ve been exploring throughout time with me playing different people throughout history for a while now on our show, but it’s exciting this year to actually allow those characters to exist within the same space and to see how they relate to each other. So we finished last season with this kind of evil person that peeks out at the end and left everybody with that question. And the first episode is actually meeting Mara, this kind of evil character. So it’s been really fun to be able to play this loud, pushy, obnoxious, controlling kind of girl – very different from Audrey.

How does Season 5 compare to previous seasons?

Emily Rose: It feels a lot bigger. I think it will be really enjoyable and exciting for the people that watch and all the people that binge watch and decide to catch up on Netflix. What’s great about being in a Season 5 is you’ve had all this mythology set up, so when the fans or viewers come back you can really play and stretch within that medium. When you throw in a different character into the mix that is still having to relate to all of the people that you know in your normal eco-system, when something goes out of whack like that, it makes everything that much more a pleasure to watch because you get used to what a normal is and then you’re mixing that up.

Any teasers you can share for the new season?

Emily Rose: Well, I think Mara is going to be a lot of fun. I think it’s kind of neat I get to be a lot edgier and darker with her; she’s just so different from Audrey. Audrey is a blonde and even though she’s a cop and very in charge, Mara just has a harder edge to her, from her clothes to her hair and makeup. I [also] think there are some really cool relationships that happen between Duke and Mara, and then also what happens between Nathan and Mara is also pretty fascinating. So I think everybody that is enthralled with those love triangles will be just as excited even though Audrey isn’t necessarily present.

Tune in to Season 5 of Haven, premiering Sept. 18, on Showcase at 9 p.m. For more on the new season of Haven, check out our interview with Haven star Eric Balfour.

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