Happy 50th Birthday Keanu Reeves – See His Top 5 Movies

the matrixCanadian Keanu Reeves turns 50 today (which is hard to believe considering he doesn’t look anywhere near that age), so in order to wish him a happy birthday we’ve decided to take a look at his top 5 movies.

The Matrix – The role of Neo is arguably Keanu Reeves’ biggest to date.  The first movie in the trilogy about a hacker who discovers that he is literally living in a dream world was by far the best of the series, and it changed the way movies were made.  It’s a shame the next two in the series weren’t as well written, but they did still manage to rake in the money for all involved.  Rumors continue to persists that a fourth movie in the series will be made, but as of yet there has been no movement on that front.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – While the role of Ted “Theodore” Logan may not have been Keanu’s first role, it was definitely the first that got him noticed as a leading actor.  The movie about a pair of teenagers travelling through time in order to complete their history project is still funny today, although the sequel is not quite as good.

Speed – When Speed first came out people didn’t quite think Keanu Reeves would be able to hold his own as an action star, even though he had previously done Point Break.  After all as the time most action stars were beefcakes in the vein of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal.  He did just fine though playing a police officer trying to keep a bus from exploding, and it teamed him up with Sandra Bullock for the first time.

The Gift – Another role people had a hard time imaging Keanu Reeves playing was that as a bad guy, which he did in two movies in 2000.  His first attempt, The Watcher, wasn’t very good, but his second attempt in the Gift was just perfect.  In it he plays a suspect in a murder investigation, and he does everything in his power to make you believe he was the one who did it.   It’s unfortunate that this Sam Raimi movie has slipped through the cracks somewhat, but if you have a chance we’d recommend seeing it.

 The Lake House – Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock reteamed for this romantic comedy about a mail box that sends messages backwards and forwards through time.  Sure it is a very implausible concept, but it made for some great entertainment, and it brought out the teary eyes in the theaters.

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