Eric Balfour Interview On Duke Crocker Dealing With Troubles In Haven



Eric Balfour returns as Duke Crocker on season 5 of Haven, premiering Sept. 18, on Showcase at 9 p.m. It’s a special two-hour episode so be prepared for lots of twists and turns as the town deals with its supernatural inhabitants. Real Style spoke to Balfour about the challenges he faced this season and why he changed his character’s look.

How is your role on Haven going to change this year?

Eric Balfour: There’s a lot going on with this new manifestation of what is happening to Duke. It’s going to be very hard for him, emotionally, physically. I don’t know if his role is going to change, but what makes Duke really special, at least for me, is Duke is who he is. He doesn’t compromise who he is, no matter what. Obviously the character in a really great way has evolved over the course of the series quite a bit and the writers have done an amazing job of that. I think the biggest difference will be Duke coming to terms with the idea that he is now part of the problem in some ways.

How has Duke’s relationship with Nathan and Dwight changed with the arrival of Mara?

Eric Balfour: The arrival of Mara is going to put a lot of pressure on Duke and Nathan and Dwight’s relationships. Duke and Mara are going to have a lot of business with each other this season. And not Duke-haven-season-5all of it good. And its going to be really hard for Duke. Its been really fun. One of my favourite things about shooting the season has been working with Emily as she plays this character Mara. The introduction of Mara forces Duke into some really compromising positions, and for me it’s just been so much fun watching Emily create this new dynamic of the character that she plays. I love the scenes with Duke and Mara. I think the audience is going to love them. They are filled with sexual tension and animosity and camaraderie and anger and confusion and nuance. Its absolutely been my favourite part of shooting this season.

What brought on your new look?

Eric Balfour: It was for the character. One of the executive producers, Lloyd Segan, came to me before we ever started shooting the season and we had an initial conversation going into the season and he said, how do you feel about changing up Duke’s look and doing something different. To be honest, at first I was very trepidatious, I spent so much time and energy growing my hair. But he was absolutely right, it was a great idea. Duke as a character has evolved and so it just felt like the right time to allow his character and character’s look to evolve as well. It definitely created some challenges at the beginning. I had one opinion what Duke should look like and other people had their opinions but the beauty of what we do is that it is collaboration and I think at the end of the day we all came to something that we were happy with and I think everyone is going to be surprised about how it all goes down. It’s been fun, it’s always fun. Change is good.

We got to enjoy, last year, the bromance between Duke and Nathan. Can you tell us a little bit about what we can expect this year?

Eric Balfour: Well every season the stakes get raised. That’s just a given. Every season this world that these characters live in gets harder and more intense and they become more invested in each other. So that is going to put strain on Duke and Nathan’s relationship. If you ask me one of the truly great romances of this show is the love story that exists between Duke and Nathan. And it’s not a romantic love story obviously, but these guys are like brothers and they’ve been up and down and this season is only going to push the dynamic of that relationship farther and push it to its limits. I actually realized I love Lucas like a brother. He is one of the most sincere, kind, gentle people I’ve ever met. I love his family. So that now has transcended I think into the scenes that we shoot on the show because it’s very difficult for me not to have that there because I feel it so deeply.

Will we see more of a return to the original three of Audrey, Nathan and Duke?

Eric Balfour: Emily is playing Mara, so you could argue no, but yes, there is a return to that threesome and group getting to interact together again. It’s one of those that you can’t predict. Chemistry is very unquantifiable and one of the things that I love about the show and I think is one of the strongest aspects of the show is the chemistry between the three of us and now, with Adam, he’s only added more to that chemistry.

Is Duke’s daughter going to be addressed this season and do you think he’d make a good father?

Eric Balfour: I don’t know. It’s something we’ve talked about and asked the writers about. There’s so much to address and to try to fit in per season. We’re pushing and hoping for it. There’s the logistics of how that would work because of the nature of the troubles surrounding his daughter. Interestingly enough, I do think Duke would make a good father. What makes Duke speacial is that he wears his heart on his sleeve in some ways. As guarded and as cavalier as he can be, his nature has always come through. And if he were handed this child to take care of, I don’t think he could compartmentalize his feelings for a baby and for his own blood and I think it would be amazing to watch that.

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