Weird Al Sings New Theme Songs To Emmy Nominated Shows


In the past month Weird Al Yankovic has been in the news a lot.  Of course a large part of that is due to the fact that the pop star parodist decided to release music videos last month for his new album one right after the other.  And if that wasn’t enough to get him attention, the 54 year year old debuted at number one for the first time in his career, and made history by releasing the first comedy album to ever debut at number one (and the first in 50 years to reach the lofty perch).  Last night Weird Al showcased his talents once again, as he appeared on the 66th annual Primetime Emmy’s and rewrote theme songs for some of the nominated shows.  Did we mention the songs he rewrote actually never had lyrics before?

For Mad Men Yankovic sang “Mad Men, Mad Men / Watch these ad men / Do their thinking / While they’re stinking drunk” before focusing on Jon Hamm’s inability to win an Emmy.  He went on to sing about Scandal, Homeland and Modern Family before ending with Game of Thrones.  His Game of Thrones lyrics included “Here comes / Dragons galore / And some boobs / Okay / To be fair, there’s way more boobs”  before picking on George R. R. Martin.  “So type, George / Type as fast as you can / We need more scripts / Type, George / Fast as arrows can fly / We need more scripts / (Write them faster, write them faster, write them faster)”, Weird Al Sang as they handed Martin a typewriter.

The entire video is below.  Enjoy.


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