Robin Williams’ Top 5 Memorable Movies


The world lost one of its great comic geniuses yesterday when Robin Williams was found dead in his home after apparently committing suicide.  The actor was 63 when he passed away, leaving behind a legacy of great films that will undoubtedly continue to entertain generations for years to come.  In honor of the man, we’re going to take a look back at his great career and pick our favourite movies he starred in.

Good Will Hunting – Robin Williams had been nominated for three Academy Awards before finally winning one in this film by two relatively newcomers who would go on to win multiple awards themselves.  The Matt Damon and Ben Affleck film was fast tracked into production after Robin Williams signed on to play the role of Sean Maguire, the therapist who helps Will Hunting discover who he is.  Like most of Williams’ movie roles parts of it were ad-libbed, including his final words “Son of a bitch. He stole my line.”

Good Morning, Vietnam – In this movie Williams played a fictional account of Adrian Cronauer’s life as a military DJ in Vietnam.  According to the real Cronauer the film is only about 45 accurate when it comes to his life, but the role still garnered Williams his first Academy Award nomination.  And it’s no wonder, considering that whenever he was broadcasting in the film, Robin Williams wasn’t reading a script.  He made up every line he spoke while on the air.

Mrs. Doubtfire – This is perhaps one of the single most loved films of Williams’ career.  Whenever someone mentions the films they liked of his, Mrs. Doubtfire is typically at the top of their list and one of the first they remember.  Of course who could forget Williams playing a character who dresses up as a woman so he can spend more time with his children as he pretends to be their nanny.  Simply brilliant.

Popeye – Sure the movie flopped at the box office, but Williams portrayed the cartoon character to such incredible levels that you have a hard time seeing him instead of the character.  As the years have gone on, this film has become a cult classic, and children still enjoy it.

The Fisher King – Another memorable role, another Academy Award nomination.  Ok, so maybe you see more of Robin Williams in this movie that you ever needed to, but you really can’t wait to see him return to the screen when he’s not in it in this one.  He plays a deranged homeless man who is helped out by a suicidal former radio dj.

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